ArtSideOut - Layered Layers

"Layered Layers" touches upon the endless emotions and experience one may face amidst COVID-19. This name and project were inspired by my personal experiences and observations throughout the pandemic. Specifically, the toxicity of social media and hustle culture. Over the years, I've come to realize that what individuals portray online is not an accurate representation of what they look or do in their day to day lives. We are often conditioned to always post the best photos or only achievements, to the point where photoshopping/retouching your photos has become normalized. It's important to recognize that there are numerous layers to an individual and what they choose to showcase online is only one layer of what they are going through. I wanted to address the toxic productivity or hustle culture where some are shaming others online for not working on a new initiative throughout quarantine. Whereas in reality, people may be choosing to work on their mental health as opposed to work or school. The title of my project, "Layered Layers', comes from the several layers any person has to them, often these layers are compared to an onion. The first word 'layered' is an adjective that describes and further emphasizes the noun, 'layers', which adds to the complexity and understanding that there are layers upon layers. I hope through the viewing of this online project, you reflect upon what you see online and affirm yourself of single layer upon many that are presented.